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Extended week in the Sporthotel Naxosbeach1 of Flisvos-Sportclub

Lodging in the Sporthotel Naxosbeach1 near St. George Beach offers:

The Flisvos Sportclub runs two windsurfing centres in Naxos, in the lagoon for speed and flatwater and the wave area for slalom and freestyle sailing. In the Lagoon also the catamaran centre is situated. Explore the island on guided mountain bike tours or just relax at the beachcafe on the lounge roof terrace regarding the amazing sunset. &


Segelevents with Flisvos-Meltemi:

The Cooperation of Meltemisailing and Flisvos-Sportclub organizes
custom-made Sailing Incentives. These several days until one week
lasting sailing trips for companies and other teams are sucessfull for teambuilding,
steepening incentive or better customer retention.
As well the sailing trips of Flisvos-Meltemi-Sailing are a composition
of sailing regatta, party, culturally experiences, relaxing and action holidays.


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